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Audi Club Northwest (ACNW) held its first event in March 1994 at Portland International Raceway with about 30 participants. Interest grew and our second event was held in February 1995, again at Portland, with about 40 participants. These early events were planned and run by a few local enthusiasts that had been bitten by the Audi bug and wanted to share their enthusiasm with others. Many of the people who were instrumental in starting the local club in 1994 are still involved today, passing along their knowledge and expertise to new enthusiasts who come along. The Northwest Region Audi Quattro Club was incorporated in 1995 and was later renamed Audi Club Northwest, as a chapter of Audi Club North America (ACNA). Our membership area includes Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. With over 650 members we are the fourth largest chapter in the nation. ACNW operates as a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to educate Audi owners about their cars, and enhance their enjoyment of their Audi. Through our driving clinics and social events, we create enthusiasts and better drivers!

For an idea of what our driving schools are like:

Click here to watch the excellent and informative video "The Art of Performance Driving" produced by the Northeast Quattro Club chapter.

Click here to see Saturday Driver's Education at the 2011 Matt Ammon Memorial Driving School and Teen Clinic at Bremerton Motorsports Park.

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